My Contact Information

My Contact Information lets you view and update your group membership record.

To make changes, simply enter the new information and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the Save button.  Just like the Change My Password screen, you will notice that the same screen will redisplay.   To go to another function, select it from the menu.

Note that some members may see different types of information on this page than others, depending on how you've configured your Membership Types.  

For example, if you've created a membership type for "Youth Members", you may decide not to allow them to upload a personal photo.  If so, they would not see the Photograph item on this page.

All members should be sure to keep the following information up to date on this page:

For members who hold leadership positions, some of the information on this screen will be displayed on the Our Leaders page:

Every member who will be driving others to events should fill out the driver's license and vehicle insurance information at the bottom of the page.  This information will be shown on the Tour Permit Worksheet which helps your leaders prepare their tour permit request.