Transfer Funds

From time to time you may need to transfer money between accounts.  This can take three forms:

Transfer Between Members

If a family has several members in the group, they may ask you to rebalance their accounts by shifting money from one to another.

You can do this by using the Transfer Between Member Accounts transaction type, as shown at left.

Select the person from whom the money is being transferred as the Charge To Person account.

Select the person who will receive the money as the Credit To Person.


Transfer Between Group Accounts

If your group has more than one group account, you may need to occasionally move money from one to another.

In the example shown at right, money was transferred from the group's PayPal™ account to its checking account.


Transfer Between Group Funds

If you are doing fund accounting, you may need to occasionally move money from one fund to another.

In this example, the group set aside $500 to use for future equipment purchases.